Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Field of Mathematics and Mathematical Science

The Field of Mathematics and Mathematical Science offers various academic courses not only in pure mathematics but also in the interdisciplinary area of engineering and science. These courses combine study and research opportunities under the direction of faculty, and students can become acquainted with rigorous mathematical reasoning and viewpoint.

Field of Computational Intelligence

The field of Computational Intelligence offers an advanced curriculum on computational understanding and realization of human intelligence or society intelligence. The education goes on through advanced lectures and individual research in a stimulating environment. Research topics in the field include neural computation, evolutionary computation, intelligent robotics, natural language processing, multi-agent systems, intelligent signal processing.

Field of Computing and Communications

This field is a dynamic and diverse group of scientists dedicated to teaching and research about communications and computer engineering. Their interests cover from fundamental theory to applied techniques in the field of computation models, ubiquitous computing, information networks, wireless and digital communications systems, circuits and antennas with their electromagnetic compatibility.

Field of Systems and Control

From a philosophical view as well as a standpoint of engineering, the field provides coherent educations and researches on electrical energy and mechanical systems design to advanced level. Total system integrations include communications and signal processing through control engineering to human-interactive and environmental friendly systems.

Field of Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction

In this field students learn about the information surrounding us: text, sound, speech, music, pictures and video. Students are educated in the knowledge and skills required to analyze human perception and envision top class human-computer interaction systems. In the information society, in addition to functionality, efficiency and safety, future products must also offer the enjoyment, satisfaction and comfort necessary to ensure harmony between people and information systems.