Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Research Groups

Aoki Laboratory Adachi Laboratory Funahashi Laboratory
Hashimoto Laboratory Hirata Laboratory Hirayama Laboratory
Hontani Laboratory Inuzuka-Muto Laboratory Ito Takayuki Laboratory
Ito Yoshihiro Laboratory Iwanami-Okamoto Laboratory Iwasaki-Seki Laboratory
Izumi Laboratory Kato Laboratory Kikuma-Sakakibara Laboratory
Kitamura-Sako Laboratory Matsui Laboratory Matsuzoe Laboratory
Mizusawa Laboratory Morita Laboratory Nakamura Laboratory
Nunome Laboratory Oda Laboratory Saito Laboratory
Sakurai-Hirano-Goto Laboratory Sato Laboratory Seki Laboratory
Shintani-Ozono Laboratory Shiramatsu Laboratory Takahashi-Katayama Laboratory
Takeshita-Kosaka-Kitagawa Laboratory Takumi Laboratory Uchiya Laboratory
Umezaki-Taguchi Laboratory Wadayama Laboratory Yamamoto Daisuke Laboratory
Yasui Laboratory Wang-Anzai Laboratory  


Nagoya Institute of Technology Department of Computer Science Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Evening course) Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Civil Engineering and Systems Management
Department of Architecture and Design Department of Techno-Business Administration Department of Scientific and Engineering Simulation
Field of Mathematics and Mathematical Science Center for Research and Development in Higher Engineering-Education Information Technology Center
Quality Innovation Techno-Center Deneikai (Alumnus) Tomoekai (Alumnus)
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